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When Talking about Selling Location is Key, but don’t Neglect Condition

It’s possible you’ve heard the common phrase in real estate that It’s all about “Location, location, location”.  It is true that location takes priority over a majority of other variables, but condition is commonly as important as location.

How does Condition rank up at the top with location? You could say this has something to do with our current generation being indoctrinated to the home buying process through HGTV. Today a buyer not only wants their ideal neighborhood but they expect the home to be impressive as well. Home improvement shows can make it appear easy to get a picture-perfect looking home no matter what it started out looking like, thus setting the expectations high at the offset.

Despite that most sellers aren’t going to get onto a home improvement show for a quick makeover remodel, there are still many ways a home owner can improve the condition of their home before listing.

VITAL UPGRADES. A seller’s home in an ideal location, near public transportation or at the end of a cul-de-sac won’t always make up for an older kitchen, bathrooms with original tiling or squeaky floorboards.  This is where they need to consider doing needed upgrades before listing. Based on reports, Americans can spend up to over $6,500 on improvements before listing their home for sale and they shouldn’t skimp on this especially if they’re looking at selling fast or for top dollar.

EXTERIOR PRIORITY.  An old roof or fencing, worn down siding or cracked paint can turn away most potential buyers despite being in a great location. Even after considering the potential time and money they might need to invest into the property, these can present structural issues not to mention what problems can present themselves if the buyers are getting a loan.

MELLOW OUT THE DÉCOR. Most buyers are not going to be able to see through that bright teal paint on the family room walls no matter if the home is on the most desirable street in town. Buyers need to be able to visualize themselves living in the home as soon as they walk through the front door and the best way to achieve this is by making the décor as universal in appeal as possible.  Paint rooms in neutral colors, pack up the family photos, stock the bathrooms and bedrooms with white linens and towels and accent living areas with beige throws and pillows. These simple steps soften the overall feel of a home, open up the space and create a blank slate for potential buyers to build upon.

Still thinking your client’s home being in a great location is good enough to get it sold? It may be, but keep this in mind: Great location and mint condition are likely to get a seller asking price or possibly higher if they are in a hot market. The above points would be worth a sellers time and investment.

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