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Can’t Face Packing up to Move?

Can’t confront packing up to move?

We have a few ideas to help make it a bit easier to get started and keep it organized. We hope these simple tips will help you pack everything up and get started on your next adventure!

Tips for Packing up and Moving

1. Start now.

Start right away. You can start immediately with getting needed supplies such as boxes, tape and labels or markers.  Of course, you are not going to get far without starting somewhere, make sure you have the tools and start boxing up things you don’t need on a daily basis and aren’t vital for your routine actions. Take your time and keep it organized by room.

2. One room at a time.

By getting one room at a time you will be able to set and complete targets and as each room is completed you will see that you are making progress and stay encouraged to complete the job.  For smaller items that may get broken or lost, wrap them in tissue paper and box them up in an old shoe box or similar container so they stay separate and secure.

3. Labeling is Key.

Keep a large marker on hand and labels or paper with tape to clearly mark the top and all sides of each box.  Boxes get turned in all directions from the time they are packed, moved into and out of trucks and into your final destination.  There is no way to ensure you will be able to see what each box contains unless you label all sides and the top as that may be all you have access to.  Make it easier on you at the other end and keep labels clear and abundant.

4. Packing Paper & Protective Wrapping.

Keep your items protected by using packing paper and if needed bubble wrap to wrap any delicate items. Newspaper may rub off onto your things so try to steer clear from it if you are using it on anything of value.

5. Moving Boxes are Key to a Successful Move.

Using moving boxes makes your move that much more worry free and secure.  Knowing your things won’t fall out of a box designed to hold bread or vegetables that you got from the grocery store is only one part of it.  Labeling a box covered with advertisements or ink doesn’t work as easily either. Moving boxes are also of a standard size and so make truck loading and box stacking much easier.

6. Research What may not be Shipped through standard routes.

If you are shipping any of your boxes, research what hazardous household items are not able to be shipped through shipping companies and account for this.

7. Valuable Possessions.

Some things should be kept by you and moved personally or through a verified and certified mail program.  If you have valuable items that need insurance or that you don’t want to trust to just anyone to handle for you unsupervised you may want to label them for you to personally handle and move or if not feasible to get an insured shipping method arranged. Keep these items separate in your packing. 


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