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Is Your House Set for the Holiday Festivities?

Christmas is quickly approaching, and we too enjoy entertaining friends and family during this time of year. It’s time to start thinking about getting your home ready for the holidays if you want to have the best holiday you can—free from stress and worries.

Don’t worry, we got your back. Check out our top ideas to prepare for the holiday season and give your family and friends a Christmas worth raving about!

Arrange Your Space

There’s no denying that getting ready for the holidays can be stressful. However, with good planning, you may have a stress-free weekend with your friends and family.
  • Preparing supplies, meals, and doing some additional cleaning before your guests arrive will go a long way toward giving you peace of mind throughout their stay.
  • Depending on how long guests will be staying, declutter and deep clean your guest room. Make sure there is enough space in the drawers and empty hangers in the closet.
  • Your guest room should be a peaceful and relaxing haven for your visitors.
  • To avoid making a last-minute trip to the shop, stock up on toilet paper, cleaning products, and blankets.
  • Spend some time making meals and freezing a few items to save time in the future.
  • Clean and arrange your entryway to make room for the extra coats and shoes. Consider putting a night light in the halls in case someone needs to get up in the middle of the night.

Your House, Your Decorating Style

Christmas decorating is a wonderful way to display your family’s personality while also celebrating the season. This is a fun project to do with your family, and you can make it even more festive by dressing up in Christmas pyjamas, making hot chocolate, and decorating while listening to Christmas music or watching a classic Christmas movie. Some of the top decor trends for 2021 include using nature as inspiration, recycled materials, and incorporating neutral Christmas decor for your home.

Another fantastic method to enliven your environment is to use fresh foliage or flowers. Because everyone will be spending a lot of time around the table, you can also use your decor to create a lovely tablescape.

Stock up on the Essentials

Begin laying in the food, beverages, and additional home supplies, like restroom basics or tinfoil for leftovers, in the weeks leading up to the holiday to accommodate the group you’re anticipating. If you plan ahead and prepare in advance, you can have a stress-free holiday season full of magic and wonder.

We at Lauren Michaels Real Estate Partners wish you a happy holiday season filled with joy. If you are considering selling your home, buying a new one, or looking for an investment property, give us a call at 727-298-8888 or email us at You can also visit our website to book a consultation today!