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What You Need to Know About Keeping Your Waterfront Home Clean

Living on the water is a dream for many who love the fresh breezes, spectacular views, and enviable waterfront lifestyle. But along with the many perks of owning a home on the water comes the task of keeping it clean and free of contaminants or issues that only waterfront houses face. Let’s look at what future or current waterfront homeowners can do to keep their gorgeous investments comfortable and sparkling clean so they can enjoy all the wonderful benefits of living by the water.

Salty Air

If you live on the coast, salt buildup inside and outside your house is a constant battle. Salty air can wreak havoc on outside furniture, so wiping down and regularly power-washing patio furniture is a must to keep rust and corrosion at bay. Salty atmospheres can cause the early breakdown of any metal surface, so cleaning surfaces to remove salty buildup regularly will maintain a stronger structure on any metal surface in the home. When possible, use non-metal surfaces to help minimize the salt effect on the home.

Sand Effects

As beautiful as beaches can be, sand can be a problem in a waterfront home. As most people know, sand is a notoriously pesky traveler that shows up inside houses by sticking to shoes, bags, and any beach accessories after excursions to a beach. But sand can also blow in and around waterfront homes and over time, cause significant damage. Regular sweeping and cleaning off of the tiny granules from the exterior and interior surfaces can prolong their lives and ultimately, the value of the home.

Watch Out for Moisture

It’s no secret that waterfront homes are subject to more moisture effects than inland homes. Taking care to make sure that the moisture doesn’t collect or spray onto surfaces without being cleaned off is a great starting point to keep your waterfront home clean.

All metal surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom are particularly subject to mold and mildew growth as well, so regular cleaning with anti-fungal cleaners is a must. Protective waxy coatings can be put onto metal appliances to protect them from early salt and moisture damage as well.

Keep Air Moving

Make sure your waterfront home has plenty of ventilation, as well as efficiently running air conditioning in conjunction with a fan. Regularly check for excess moisture inside the home. Wiping down and rectifying any dampness found inside can help avoid damage. In addition, rinse off outside condenser coils with fresh water to rid them of salty corrosion and ensure a healthy A/C unit.

With a few regular cleaning strategies, you can make sure that your home on the water will be just as beautiful as the day you moved in. Ready to see what Florida waterside homes might be right for you? Contact the team at Lauren Michaels Real Estate Partners to find the perfect waterfront home for you.