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How to Find the Perfect Home When You Have Kids

Finding the right home for your family means finding a place to call home for quite some time. A lot goes into the checklist of choosing the perfect home when you have kids. To help you find the perfect home, here is a list of “must-dos” we have assembled based on our experience working with many families.

Home to Fit

The bigger the house, the more it costs. So look for the one that fits your family’s needs. You might not require a guest room, for instance, if you don’t usually have friends or family stay with you. You can spare one extra room if your kids are comfortable sharing. Separate office space could be convenient if you or your spouse frequently work from home. Similarly, you can add or reduce the number of rooms required to suit your family’s nature.

Not just bedrooms, but also consider the number of bathrooms, particularly if you have a large family. Perhaps you’d want a spacious yard for your kids and pets to play in. Take all of this into account when determining the size of your home.

Location and Community

Finding your perfect house in a deserted area or a community with a horrible record will turn your dream into a nightmare. Hence, location matters. Investigate the area where you want to buy a home. Assess the dangers, crime rates, and accessibility to basic needs like schools, supermarkets, hospitals, workplaces, parks, etc. Ensure the transportation options and the routes are comfortable at all times of the day. And don’t forget to check out the neighbors; you probably don’t want a hostile neighborhood.

Fit to Your Budget

Buying a new house involves a lot of budgeting. A mortgage is one option for purchasing your dream home, but it is critical to understand how much you can pay and qualify. Before starting the hunt, get a pre-approved loan to ease the buying process and filter the properties to look at.

However, the expense extends much beyond the cost of purchasing the house. It also covers real estate taxes, homeowner’s insurance, energy expenditures, remodeling or renovation charges, and so on. Aside from them, you should evaluate your monthly costs.

Consider Your Priorities

The budget you have may limit many features, but some are mandatory. Consider the list below to avoid missing essentials:

  • Review the amenities required in the house
  • Analyze the room sizes as per family members’ needs
  • Check move-in readiness as per your move date
  • Assess the storage space for your growing family
  • Check for remodeling and renovation if needed.

Safety And Child-Friendliness

When you have children, your safety objectives will undoubtedly increase. Safety does not just apply to exteriors but also interiors. Check for steep staircases hard for young children and parents who carry them, a fenced yard, the state of the electrical and plumbing systems, and other issues. Take your time and be sure your decision is correct because these things can potentially have disastrous results.

A competent real estate agent can speed up your home hunt. While you can do a property search online, using an agent will expedite and streamline the process. If you’re looking for a home in Clearwater, Harbor Oaks, Clearwater Beach, Sand Key, Island Estates, the Belleair region, or Tampa Bay, Terri Novitsky and Lauren Michaels Real Estate Partners will be your best choice for a range of options at reasonable pricing. Call us today at (727) 298-8888 to get started on finding your dream home!