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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Your Safe Home Abode

You’re all set to hit the house-hunting road with all those savings from the hard work that finally paid off! Therefore, this can be a life-changing decision, tread carefully and ask yourself a few valid questions before you seal the house deal. Your real estate preferences shape the decision you’ll make for the new house, but what are these considerations? We have them all covered in this article, so keep scrolling!

What Are Your Priority Preferences In The New Home?

Is it an open lawn? Natural light? City views? Location? Neighborhood? Low maintenance? Before selecting a home, sit down and jot all the things you can/cannot live without. Once that is sorted, you will have your priorities in line, and the decision to select a house becomes much easier. If you’re looking to move with your grandparents in, then consider having wheelchair accessibility in the new home. Your toddler’s school and home proximity should also be a key decision-maker. The list of amenities may seem endless when it comes to your dream house, so make a wise pick!

Are You Ready to Sign Your Life Away Financially?

Before making the big jump, consider your financial habits. The only thing you should avoid is making a hasty decision because that will be harsh on your pockets. Dig deep and look at your spending; are you financially ready to buy that home yet? If not, it’s logical to wait a few more years. Don’t risk your future just to satisfy your present wants. The wait will be worth it!

The “Guts” Of the House Seem Doable?

Apart from the lighting, flooring, and granite, make sure you’re sure about the layout, locality, craftsmanship, and overall house foundation. Never place all your bets on just the cosmetic features of the house because the other considerations are more important, if not equally. If your gut says yes about the home’s “guts,” then sign the papers!

Does the Home Fulfill The 85% Parameter?

It’s simple. If you’re not building a complete custom dream home, then use the 85% rule to judge if you’re making the right decision. 85% of the home you absolutely love, 10% caters to the things you can alter over time, and 5% you can’t change, so you have to co-exist with it!

Are the Real-Estate Agents Trustworthy?

In the end, it all boils down to trusting the people you’re working with. There can be a myriad of reasons why you should get your hands on the deal but are the people worth putting your trust in? Buying your dream abode is not an easy feat, but that’s what the real estate agents are for! If you have any doubts about them, even if it’s just 1%, then you don’t trust them at all to begin with. When the agents have your confidence, it’s a sign that they’re doing their job right.

The jitters in your stomach while scouting for new homes and finally settling on “The One” can be overwhelming; therefore, Lauren Michaels Real Estate has been around for the help.